MacOS: The shortcuts work unexpectedly after 2017.1 update

InteliJ IDEA 2017.1 (and other JetBrains IDEs) update brings support for the national keyboard layouts on macOS.

What does it mean?

When using a keyboard layout different from the standard English layout the IDE will now execute an action that is mapped to the exact character you've pressed on the keyboard.
This behaviour now works by default.

Please note that only the lower-case characters are taken into account.

Before version 2017.1 the IDE executed an action mapped to the character on the key you've pressed as if it were an English keyboard layout.

How to go back to the old behaviour?

Please go to the menu Help | Edit Custom VM Options and add the following property to the file:


Then restart the IDE.
Please also consider customising the IDE keymap to best fit your expectations in Preferences | Keymap.

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I'm currently evaluating IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP and WebStorm 2017.2.4 using a german keyboard layout (keyboard map set to Mac OS 11.5+), and it does not work as described above, at least not for some keys. I'm trying the "Window->Next/Previous Project Window" keys.

In WebStorm, I can get it to work using the english keyboard layout, or pressing that same key (with a different character) in the german layout. So that would be the pre-2017.1 way.

In IDEA, I can't get it to work at all with the german layout, whether I press the "english key", or use the right "german key" to produce the same character. The "Window" menu will be highlighted briefly, but then nothing happens - very strange.

Btw: I do not use custom VM options (Help->Edit Custom VM Options asks me whether it should create the file).



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I'm just trying out Pycharm (not intellej), but I'm finding that only about 1/2 of the keyboard shortcuts work.  I can't stop the server with ctrl-C.  Opt-r sometimes launches a run window running the sample project (Polls), sometimes launches, and sometimes launches, types in runserver, and launches the server as well.  Many shortcuts appear to do nothing.  Others work perfectly.  I run the djorvak keyboard mapping on the Mac OS X 10 (Yosemite).  Mostly, Pycharm has met or exceeded my expectations.  It's a huge tool.  I'm working in just a corner of it, learning django.


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