How to start CLion on FreeBSD?

CLion bundles a few native components built for Linux, these binaries won't work on FreeBSD. Noticeable examples are:

  • JRE (you need to install it in order to launch CLion),
  • fsnotifier (you will be warned on startup that file sync may be slow),
  • libpty (required for running apps with controlling TTY),
  • CMake,
  • and GDB.

So to start at FreeBSD you need to:

- Install the necessary components: pkg install openjdk8 cmake gdb
- Edit clion-2016.3/bin/ and change run.processes.with.pty=false
- Start CLion and open Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolchains
- Specify CMake path: /usr/local/bin/cmake and GDB path: /usr/local/bin/gdb


FreeBSD has replacement program for fsnotifier

pkg install intellij-fsnotifier

then edit bin/



Edited by Leon Greeff

FYI: this is a better version of fsnotifier for FreeBSD.  The intellij fsnotifier port in the ports tree leaves a bunch of .fuse_hidden############## files in the directories it scans whenever you edit them (at least for a mounted NTFS drive via ntfs-3g,) leading to failed builds when you have directory modifications in CMakeLists.txt (e.g. deleting a build directory to make sure all the artifacts are fresh before a build) and makes it really difficult to navigate your project directory.  I know CLion can just filter files matching .fuse_hidden* if you set it to, but for me the CMake issues leading to failed builds were too painful not to seek an alternate solution.

Edited by Cory Geesaman

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