Directories used by the IDE to store settings, caches, plugins and logs

Location of the IDE files depends on the operating system, product and version.

Examples for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3:


  • Configuration (idea.config.path): %APPDATA%\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Plugins (idea.plugins.path): %APPDATA%\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2020.3\plugins
  • System (idea.system.path): %LOCALAPPDATA%\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Logs (idea.log.path): %LOCALAPPDATA%\JetBrains\IntelliJIdea2020.3\log


  • Configuration (idea.config.path): ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Plugins (idea.plugins.path): ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3/plugins
  • System (idea.system.path): ~/Library/Caches/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Logs (idea.log.path): ~/Library/Logs/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3


  • Configuration (idea.config.path): ~/.config/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Plugins (idea.plugins.path): ~/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • System (idea.system.path): ~/.cache/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3
  • Logs (idea.log.path): ~/.cache/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2020.3/log


Should you need to change the defaults, refer to this document.

<product> would be one of the following:

  • IntelliJIdea (IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition)
  • IdeaIC (IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition)
  • RubyMine
  • WebIde (PhpStorm versions before 2016.1 and WebStorm before 7.0 use this common directory)
  • PhpStorm (PhpStorm starting from 2016.1 version)
  • WebStorm (WebStorm starting from 7.0 version)
  • PyCharm
  • AppCode
  • CLion
  • DataGrip
  • Rider

Android Studio folder locations can be found in this document.

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This document is outdated, settings for 2020.1 are now inside ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/<productName><productVersion>

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Hi my intelij idea is not working I have a valid JDK and JRE installed and have a java_home variable the system variables and when I try open idea it says Failed to load jvm if you have a java installation please  define a JAVA_HOME variable. Pls help

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Remarkable.  A document titled "Directories used by ...."  that fails to list any directory locations.

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Adam Pycharm

I've updated the document with the examples. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.

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Where do pycharm and IDEA store the configuration for the currently used theme? I found a file color.scheme.xml in ~/.config/JetBrains/.../, but changing it seems to have no effect.

(I want to change the theme externally with a script to sync it with the system color scheme on Linux).

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Lorenz Hoffmann Make sure IDE is not running when you change this file.

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I want import or restore localhistory(VCS) files from phpstorm 2017.2 to phpstorm 2019.2

I have "changes.storageData" file from old phpstorm, last time I changed all directory of this contents of file from H:/ to C:/ after reinstalling phpstorm 2017.2, and now after removing old Windows and install new Windows 8.1 , I istalled phpstorm 2019.2 and In addition to doing the previous thing I said(change contents from H:/ to C:/) , changed directory name of phpstorm2017.2 to phpstorm2019.2 and replace the file, but doesnt work and I cant see history of changes in VCS->LocalHistory

How can I restore LocalHistory data from phpstorm2017.2 to phpstorm2019.2?

(I cant install newer version of PhpStorm now)
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Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to move history between major versions. 

Please vote for

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For me as a Windows user this articles mentions the four directories Configuration, Plugins, System and Logs.  On the other hand I have another 16 files and folder with about 450MB I need to get moved for saving space at the location (which was the reson I was linked to this article)

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I don't understand why there isn't wider adoption of using the environment variables unless it is that people simply don't know about them. If you are using "~/" for the user folder on *nix, why don't you use "%USERPROFILE%" to stand in for "C:\Users\<usermame>"

Take it one step further and user %APPDATA% for roaming and %LOCALAPPDATA% for local

can use these in CMD, run, start menu, explorer address bar etc

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