JavaScript: "Denying load of chrome-extension.." when using Chrome

Problem:  errors like 'Denying load of chrome-extension://<extension id>/<path to file>. Resources must be listed in the web_accessible_resources manifest key in order to be loaded by pages outside the extension' are logged when debugging web application in Chrome

Possible reason: you might have other Chrome extensions installed that try to interact with JetBrains IDE Support extension used for debugging/Live Edit

Solution: search for <extension id> in chrome://extensions/ and try disabling it

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In order to see the id, you need to checkmark the "[ ] Developer Mode" checkbox in the top right.

In my case Skype Click to Call was the culprit.


Is there any way to simply have phpstorm javascript debug SKIP any element that starts with chrome?

I tried setting 'chrome*' as do not step into in Build,Execution,Deployment>Debugger>Stepping but javascript debug is still stepping into every single bit of js code injected by my plugins..

I'm using LiveEdit and JetBrains IDE plugin but it still seems like there should be a simple way to not step into any code injected by Chrome Extensions,,

Do I really have to disable every single Chrome extension to do JS debug?


Obrigada, meu navegador estava cheio de erros, já não sabia o que fazer. Era alguma extensão do Chrome mesmo.


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