Uploading Large Files for JetBrains Support Team

To fix a problem, JetBrains technical support team may request a wide range of information about your system or configuration (e.g. logs or CPU snapshots).

Files under 10 MB in size can be attached right into the tracker issue (if you do not want the attachments to be publicly accessible, limit the attachment visibility to jetbrains-team user group only using the Visible to option under the comment field).

You can also send small files (up to 2 MB) via email: intellij-support@jetbrains.com (or any other support/sales email you are communicating with). Files up to 20 MB can be attached to the support ticket in the online form or later on any step of communication with our technical support engineers. Please do not forget to mention product name, exact product version in the request (along with other information which might help us to faster understand and resolve the problem you are experiencing).

JetBrains Upload service
Please share large files via https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ form.

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Do support personnel have access to the files uploaded through the JetBrains Upload service? I was submitting files for a memory issue with the upload IDs, but I was asked to upload them somewhere else so they could be downloaded.

See the ticket here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-273726


Will Flowers If you are referring to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-273726#focus=Comments-27-5316358.0-0 comment, it was not from a JetBrains employee, so he has no access to these files. JetBrains staff has a small black JB badge on the bottom right of their avatars:


Mikhail-Vink Hello Mikhail, the search doesn't find anything for “jetbrains-team” when trying to attach files privately. Can you or some of your colleagues take a look at it please? Thank you


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