Enabling SSH/FTP debug logging to report problems with deployment and remote SDK configuration

If you have problems when working with remote hosts, deployment, setting up remote SDK or interpreters, running code remotely and other issues related to remote system connection, please enable debug logging for this subsystem before reproducing the problem and sending idea.log to support.

1. Open Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings...

2. Add the following lines:

  • #com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment
  • #com.intellij.ssh

After restarting the IDE idea.log will contain more details about the problem.

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Says the problem is in use by another program. Do I need to reboot first?


I've tried the steps and it did not work. So I rebooted and it still failed to write. I am on Win 8.1 Professional


remote connection to a known working host completely fails and adds a '' to known hosts


What is meant by <product>/bin/log.xml?  I'm using PHPStorm on a Mac.  A search of the file system shows nothing called log.xml.  There is no /phpstorm directory, no directory called phpstorm.

I'd really like to get PHP remote debugging working, but I find the documentation completely incomprehensible.  


Please check under /Applications/PhpStorm.app/Contents/.


OK, I selected Show Package Contents, and that gave me a directory that the search apparently doesn't know about.  Thanks.  I'll add a note to the ticket.


I have the same error with connect via SFTP in PHPStorm. I can connect via termianl, Filezilla and before I can connect from PHPStorm. After latest update I have only one error while connecting "Can't connect via SFTP with server xxxx". Did someone resolved this problem? Thanks for any help.


Sorry, I use Windows 7, and I have a similar problem, in my case if it connects, to the server via FTPS, but when requesting the file directory, it does not deploy it.

I wanted to raise my support request, but I do not know how to activate the /bin/log.xml that they refer to in this link


I feel this is for UNIX systems, not for Windows.

Please help.


It's the same for Windows, log.xml is under IDE installation directory, bin subdirectory, next to the .exe file you are using to run the product.

You can also try using Help | Edit Debug Log Settings... and adding com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment there.


On Mac OS, to save you some time:


# open Terminal

#- edit the log.xml file

vi /Applications/PhpStorm.app/Contents/bin/log.xml

#- go to the bottom  and just before <root>, add what is in bold

<category name="com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment">
<priority value="DEBUG"/>

#- save and exit


# Kill PhpStorm

kill $(ps ax | grep phpstorm | grep Applications | cut -d' ' -f1)

# empty the log file

echo > ~/Library/Logs/PhpStorm2019.3/idea.log 

# see the new entries

tail -f  ~/Library/Logs/PhpStorm2019.3/idea.log 


What you will see there may not help you figure what is happening. But I know support is going to as for it.


Hope this helps.

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