Inconsolata font is not shown as monospaced

InconsolataNoto mono and some other fonts may be missing from the default list of the monospaced fonts available for the editor.

Inconsolata family contains only one font style — plain. When bold variant is requested to be rendered, IDE will derive a synthetic bold version of the font, which will not have the same width as the original font. As a result, if a file contains both plain and bold text, font will not effectively be monospaced.

That's why Inconsolata is not listed as a monospaced font. You can still use it if you wish, but if you want to preserve its monospaced property you'll need to use a color scheme in editor which doesn't use bold font at all (default one does). The logic for emboldening a font is implemented in FreeType library, it's not easy to change it.

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I completely agree with you about bold rendering when there is no bold variant within the font files (it looks awful), but some fonts that do have those variants are not showing on the monospaced fonts menu, not even on the regular one! while on other coding applications they're showing properly and the bold variants are applied too.

Fonts having bold variants like: Roboto Mono, Fira Mono (that it's different from Fira Code which seems to be included by default on Phpstorm because it wasn't installed on my windows), Free Mono, etc (there are like 2 or 3 more) are not available while, on the other hand, some fonts that don't have bold variants are being displayed on the monospaced fonts menu, like: Prestige Elite Std; and some others, as i've mentioned, are not even installed on my system; that's the case of: Fira Code (not Fira Mono), and  Dialog Input.

Apart from the obvious suggestion of checking the way the available fonts list is built, i'm more concerned with those fonts that are not installed on my Windows (10) ... probably I don't know enough about your software but, are there fonts included on PHPstorm that may not be installed on the user's system?  

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