IDE requests access to calendar, contacts, photos, etc on macOS Mojave

We’ve been receiving an increased amount of a feedback related to JetBrains IDEs trying to access your calendar, contacts, or photos on latest macOS:


This behavior is caused by the recently introduced in macOS 10.14 Mojave new privacy protection mechanisms. Under these mechanisms, macOS shows the confirmation prompt when a process tries to access files under the home directory. This applies to calendars, contacts, photos, mail, messages, and Time Machine backups directories, which are commonly located under your home directory.

Therefore, if you have any of your project or library files under your home directory, the prompt is displayed when the IDE tries to read the contents of the directory in order to access them. Feel free to choose Don’t Allow since the IDE does not need access to those folders.


The issue is being actively investigated at our tracker at If you’re experiencing the same problem, please submit a new report:

1) Specify where is your project located (and external libraries used in a project): an exact location on a disc;

2) Describe what actions inside IDE caused this popup to appear

3) Attach your idea.log file (Help > Show log in…), ideally as soon as the issue occurs



Allowing the application Full Disk Access cant be a solution, rather a bad security suggestion.


Thanks for your input. Per discussion in IDEA-194789 the workaround is removed.


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