Cmd+Shift+A hotkey opens Terminal with "apropos" search instead of the Find Action dialog


  • When Cmd+Shift+A hotkey is invoked, Terminal search opens with "appropos" command instead of the Find Action dialog:


  • macOS has been updated to 10.14.4


macOS 10.14.4 adds the new default shortcut for the Search man Page Index in Terminal:



  • Disable/change the key binding for the Search man Page Index in Terminal feature:
    1. Open Apple menu | System Preferences | Keyboard | Shortcuts | Services
    2. Disable Search man Page Index in Terminal (or change the shortcut)
  • Use Search Everywhere (Shift+Shift) shortcut instead of Find Action (Cmd+Shift+A).


See IDEA-209726 for more details. We also plan to detect the conflicts with the system default shortcuts in the future, follow IDEA-210411 for the updates.

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Thank you so much! This was driving me crazy today.

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Thank you for sharing this, super frustrating for a bit there! I updated mine to Shift + Command + P to mimick other editors.

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Thanks you! This saved my day.

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Thanks! I knew it was a system shortcut intercepting it but for the life of me I couldn't find the one that was causing it.

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I cannot reproduce this issue.

The shortcut is configured both in MacOS (10.15.3 (19D76)) and IntelliJ (Ultimate 2019.3.3) on my machine. (OOTB).

IntelliJ also complains on startup, that the shortcut conflicts with a MacOS shortcut. ("Find Action..., Move to Another Changelist... shortcuts conflict with macOS system shortcuts. Modify shortcuts or change macOS system settings.)

However, when pressing Cmd+Shift+A, the Find Action dialog opens without issues.

The warning in IntelliJ must be a false-positive.

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Made my day. Thank you so much!


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