Impossible to edit database query results pane in services view


  • Impossible to edit data that is shown for just executed query: 


  • One of the notifications is shown:
    Table is read-only. Unresolved table reference
    Connection is read-only.
  • Tab name in the console output named "Result" instead of the name of a table. 


  • Query is complex, e.g contains JOIN, static values, functions, and other modifications. Such results cannot be edited as columns belonging cannot be 100% identified


  • Table is not writable by DataGrip


Update the appropriate table manually via DataGrip or "UPDATE" query: 


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Hi i'm having a similar issue but it appears randomly:

Sometimes if i select * from table.... and try updating it allows me, then later re-run the same query and it doesn't allow any more. then a few days later re-run exactly same query and again allows to update, why is that happening?

(note my query doesn't not have any joins or complicated where statements, and sometimes has a reduced column list, but not columns with any functions wrapped around)


Major pain. This is effortless in Aqua Data Studio. 

New Datagrip user, not happy with this. Sometimes edits depend on seeing columns from a joined table. If the primary key(s) for the edited table are present in the query, there's no reason this can't be done. 


This is the only thing I hate about DataGrip!


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