Type "Android SQLIte" gone from "Database" tool window "+" action


According to https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/accessing-android-sqllite-databases-from-product.html there should be a type "Android SQLite" when I click on the "+" icon. But I can't find it anymore. In an earlier version of IDEA Ultimate it was there.  

I can't tell exactly since which version it disappeared because I use it onbly occasionally. Last time when it worked it was about 2 or 3 months ago.  

Yesterday, I've checked it on the Laptop of a teammate, and there it was gone too. So I'm quite confident that it's not just a miosconfiguration on my side.







OK, I've found the "Database Inspector" and there I've found the database, but although I'm currently running the app in the debugger, it says the database is closed. Unfortunately, I could not find how to open it. In the query console, the "Run" button is disabled and the drop-down selection on the bottom left says "no databse available". The only option after right-clicking the database is "Export as file".


I am not knowingly using a SQLite version different from the android one (I've just taken over the project from a teammate who left and so I'm not sure about all details).


Could you please attach screenshot with "App Inspection"? Am I got you right that you use real device, not an emulator?


Yes, I'm using a real device.

About the database being closed ... that was a bit strange ... after closing the app for the first time, the database was open, and now it stays open (fortunately).



So, probably there was some connection glitch. Please follow issue on YouTrack for updates with this case.


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