Soft wrap past set number of lines


I've enabled soft wrap in editor settings, but I want the option to enable soft wrap at 80 characters. Is there any way to do this? I can set columns for hard wrap at 80 characters, but I don't want to force my settings on the rest of my team. 



You can add `*.go` pattern to Soft-wrap these files option in Preferences | Editor | General like `*.md; *.txt; *.rst; *.adoc; *.go`.

Does it help?


Daniil thanks for replying, but it doesn't. Doing that only enables soft wrap - I already know how to do that. What I want is to configure **when** soft wrap kicks in. I want lines to wrap when they exceed 80 characters, not when they overflow out of my view port.


There is no other way except configure hard wraps limited to 80 characters or use additional visual guides at 80 characters (Preferences | Editor | Code Style).


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