How can I make sure my Android app starts on a specific device (or not at all)


I'm currently developing an app for a tablet. The customer even sent me one of his tablets having some Android customizations, VPN setup, ...

As long as the tablet is the only connected device, everything is fine. But when I also connect my phone, the device selector switches to the device connected as last. Well, I think that's desirable in many cases, but not for this use case.

And when I disconnect the tablet and the phone, it starts on one of the mulator devices, which is also undesirable in this use case.

So how can I bind an app to a device and when the device is not there the app start is prevented?


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It seems this feature is not available in the current version of Flutter and Android plugin.
You can create a new feature request on the plugin issue trackers:

Flutter plugin
Android plugin


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