CLion 2022.3.2 VLC build project fails

I'm running on a M1 mac mini trying to build VLC in CLion 2022.3.2. All I want to do is build the source as I would from a terminal window, e.g.:

-- I download the source tree from git

-- I make an empty "build" directory under the vlc root and I cd into that build directory

-- from a terminal window I issue ../extras/package/macosx/ -c

and it compiles & runs as per usual. And YES I do have all the necessary VLC prerequisites installed and verified.

CLion however wants to add extra files into what should be my pristine build directory. 

How can I configure CLion to just suck in the code and run as I normally would. 

Thanks for any help in advance - yes I am a noobie to CLion and have tried to follow all the tutorials I can to get started but at this point I'm really of the mind CLion can't help. 

I am using it as I have a fellow coder who is trying to do the same on an Ubuntu box so we are using CLion as it's platform independent. 

Again, thanks for any help. 


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