make mysql debugging function


About 14 days ago, I requested the "mysql debugging" feature. (refer1 link)
The answer returned was to check "youtrack".
Similar content was uploaded 3 years ago, but why can't it be improved? (refer2 link)

refer1 link

refer2 link*9s5vg5*_ga*MjEyOTk5MjM2OS4xNjc3MDY1NzYx*_ga_9J976DJZ68*MTY3NzA2NTc2MC4xLjEuMTY3NzA2NTk5MS4wLjAuMA..

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Please check the official statement from our dev team lead:

Implementing this feature would take too much effort because MySql supplies no debugging means. Therefore, we had to postpone it for now.  


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