How to reverse Project configuration


Actually I made a new folder and as we know if VCS is activated then it will ask to add Project configuration. and Mistakely I just want my Main file like java and class files i want on github not my .idea file like .xml and .iml and i clicked on "Always add" how can i it ask like it used to ask before or make it work lilke before when it used to only add my java files and did't add any other files

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You can configure this behavior in Settings (⌘ + , on macOS or Ctrl + Alt + S on Win/Linux) > Version Control > Confirmation > When files are created > choose the 'Ask' option.

However, you can also do it in a different approach. You can configure git to ignore certain files/folders automatically with .gitignore file and leave the 'Always add' option enabled:

  • Create a .gitignore file in your project root directory
  • Open the file and paste the following in it:

This will make git always ignore files with .iml extension and all files and folders under .idea folder.

Files and folders referenced in .gitignore file will never be added to your git repository and pushed to github. And you can leave the 'Always add' option enabled, to add all other files to git automatically.


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