CPU usage on macOS Ventura is almost 100%


  • OS: macOS Ventura
  • Specifications: iMac 27 (2019) - 3 GHz 6 Core Intel Core i5, 32GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Memory

IntelliJ IDEA occupies almost 90%~99% of CPU. How can I reduce cpu utilization?

CPU throttles while indexing my project or making code auto-completion list.


Can you please collect additional information for the investigation?

  • Disable all third party plug-ins.
  • Quit the IDE.
  • Remove the logs folder.
  • Launch the IDE and capture a CPU snapshot. (Help | Diagnostic Tools | Start/Stop CPU Usage profiling)
  • Attach a snapshot along with a log folder compressed.
  • Upload snapshot

  • Paste the upload ID here.

Please note that the CPU profiling process must be started only when you see a performance degradation and stopped immediately after testing. Otherwise, there will be a lot of useless information in the snapshot.


Thanks for reply.

I've uploaded CPU snapshot. ID: 2023_02_27_2BM6oMsH3tyj8be9pJGCHW

Dear James,

There are long file read pauses in this recording (the longest is 7.481 s).
The longest recorded file read took 7.481 s to read 106 B from <Unknown File>. Average time of recorded IO: 1.316 s. Total time of recorded IO: 1 min 19 s. Total time of recorded IO for the file <Unknown File>: 1 min 19 s.

The file IO seems very slow. We think it is highly caused by antivirus software
. Please recheck if you have any antivirus/security software in your system and disable it temporarily to see if it helps. Learn more from IDEA Support documentation: [https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006298560-Antivirus-Impact-on-Build-Speed](https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006298560-Antivirus-Impact-on-Build-Speed).

An average CPU load of 42 % was caused by other processes for during 2/27/2023, 4:04:11.995.000 PM – 4:04:12.299 PM.
The application performance can be affected when the machine is under heavy load and there are other processes that use CPU or other resources on the same computer. To profile representatively or get higher throughput, shut down other resource intensive processes running on the machine.

Also if possible, please attach the [log folder](https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207241085-Locating-IDE-log-files) compressed here.

Thanks for your reploy.

Unfortunately, I've removed every antivirus software but issue has not been solved significantly.

CPU usage is reduce a little bit if I open only one project in IDEA but it doesn't look like true solution. (It's still 75~80%)

  • Compressed log folder (upload ID) : 2023_02_28_PtNSoGzUeFVNAiqkJH8hmf

It looks like you are affected by this issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-58965/Intellij-Ultimate-uses-100-of-cpu-when-idle-due-to-JS-Code-Vision .

Could you please try to disable Code vision in Settings (Preferences) | Editor | Inlay Hints? Does it help?


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