Not able to add passphrase

I'm trying to connect to a database using datagrip, the problem I'm having is that when I select key pair as my authentication type and I pick my private key, i'm not able to add the password to datagrip


Can you please elaborate on how you set up your SSH authentication via key pair? Please confirm if you have already checked our guide:

If so, can you clarify where you can't add the password? Are you referring to the password in the General tab of your data source settings?

Hi, I think I'm facing the same issue as Cerberus.

I'm working on Datagrip 2023.1 (build #DB-231.8109.163).

When I try to setup an SSH connection with a key, the very moment I set a path for the key file, the passphrase field becomes inactive. It grays out and I can't write anything on it. This makes it impossible to add the passphrase necessary to unlock the SSH key and renders the SSH connection useless.


Pablomartincalvo Does this key have a passphrase? What's the format of the key? Please report at with the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).


Same problem here and I think it is related to the key store managed by my MAC.


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