Does it make sense to migrate from PhpStorm to WebStorm?

Greetings everyone!

I'm a frontend developer, but historically I've always worked on PhpStorm.

My main stack is Typescript & React.

Will I get any benefits from migrating to WebStorm?

Maybe it's less wasteful of computer resources? Or does it have some special frontend features?

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Like WebStorm, PhpStorm includes all features required for JavaScript/TypeScript/React development. Those features are the same in both IDEs and are available either out of the box or via free plugins.
If you don't need the IDE focused on JavaScript only, and also need the advanced support for PHP and database features, you don't have to migrate from WebStorm to PhpStorm, as the latter includes all Webstorm stuff, and all you can do in WebStorm you can do equally well in PhpStorm


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