"Conditionally disabled code" rust inspection. How do I disable it?


I don't see conditionally disabled code as a problem so would rather not see it in the Problems tab, however I cannot how to disable this inspection.  Can anyone enlighten me?


Hi Andy!

"Conditionally disabled code" is not just an inspection. It shows how the IDE or the compiler looks throughout the code. A conditionally disabled code is excluded from the compilation or IDE analysis and feels like a comment. More details - https://blog.jetbrains.com/clion/2020/10/intellij-rust-new-functionality-for-cargo-features/

It's not possible to disable "Conditionally disabled code". But it's a bug that these reports are shown in the Problems tool window. The responsible developer has opened an issue about that in the Rust plugin tracker - https://github.com/intellij-rust/intellij-rust/issues/10264. Feel free to comment or upvote it.


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