Set python path when using mingw


I'm using clion with esp idf. I set it up according to this video. Some time ago the tutorial worked fine, but now it doesn't. After debugging for a while I found out that it uses python executable from mingw installation and doesn't use the python that is in the path variable. I modified the cmake file where I saw the error and I dumped path environment variable and I saw that mingw path is prepended to the system variable.

I don't knhow what changed - is it clion or mingw or something that I did.

So my question is who is prepending mingw path to PATH env. variable  and how can I change it to append the path instead?


To set the Python path when using MinGW, you can use the following command:

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export PATH="/path/to/python/bin:$PATH"



Replace "/path/to/python/bin" with the path to your Python installation's bin folder. This command adds the Python path to your system's environment variables, allowing MinGW to locate the Python executable when you run Python commands from the terminal.


Where do I run this command. My path is already at the front but mingw places its own python path on build.


You're trying to set up a standard POSIX environment. That's tricky, because you're emulating a standard that practically all other OSes follow on the one that doesn't. The canonical C++ environment on Windows is Visual Studio. I have never used it, but I hear it's quite good. That said, you may prefer to learn standards-based systems rather than Microsoft-specific stuff, and on Windows that does mean installing Cygwin etc.    MyGeorgiaSouthern


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