Custom Text Editor Key Shortcuts


Hi, I have a Pycharm plugin with custom editor implementation. How do I block the default Key shortcuts, for example F1-F8, and have it call my callbacks instead? Also, I'd need to detect CTRL Up / Down. I tried TypedHandlerDelegate, but that only detects keystrokes producing some characters.

Thx, Milo

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Hi Milo,

Please replace shortcuts carefully to not break IDE UX. It is important that users get the expected behavior for shortcuts they know. See for the full context.

I would try to register your actions with the same shortcuts you want to override and implement com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.ActionPromoter which promotes your actions when PlatformCoreDataKeys.FILE_EDITOR from data context is your editor.

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Hi Karol,

perfect, thanks, that is exactly what I needed.




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