How to disable the TEAL color on the React components

I just updated the Webstorm to WebStorm 2022.3.2 `Build #WS-223.8617.44, built on January 24, 2023`

I am using Darcula theme and suddenly my React components are **** teal color. I can't work with that. 
How can I disable this? Is it some plugin or have I something wrong setup? 

The teal color is not bad, it works well in VSC. But here with the rest of the theme, the yellow <> and the background it's so bad. I either see the elements or I see the rest of code, my eyes can't see both colors at the same time with this combination... 

Please save me, thank you 

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JSX tags are colored according to Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | XML, Custom Tag Name settings; please try changing the colors there

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Yes it saved me,
Thank you


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