use a native dart library (package) inside a plugin for dart.


I need to use the (analyzer) dart package to analyze dart code and extract dart variables static types to use in a plugin that i'm developing.

i tried to use dart analysis server API, but the server doesn't provide me with the information i want efficiently, it does it with very low performance which is critical for me.

what to do in this kind of situation?

in conclusion:

- I want something like java ffi to call dart library code.

- i'm developing an intellij idea plugin using (java) for (dart).

- i want to develop a package in dart language to analyze dart code and return some kind of information.

- i want to use returned information in my plugin.

the problem is i can't figure out a work around to use dart package in a plugin written in java.

Note: if i can get access to dart analysis server API source code my problem is solved. because i can extract the behaviour i need from it and make it perform great in my case. it is possible?

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I guess, the official Dart analyzer is the only tool in the world that fully understands the Dart code. Dart analyzer and Analysis Server API is fully open-source. I think the best place for related questions is the 'Dart Analyzer' group mentioned here.

The Dart plugin by JetBrains is also open-source. The class that is responsible for communication with the Dart Analysis Server is called DartAnalysisServerService.

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