JCEF is not supported in Android Studio



I’m one of the maintainers of the JFrog IntelliJ IDEA Plugin (https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/9834-jfrog).

I was wondering if anyone could assist us with the following challenge we’re currently facing specifically with Android Studio.

We added a Webview to the plugin’s tool window.
The Webview component is based on JCEF. It works well on all JetBrains IDEs, except for Android Studio.

I understand this happens only on Android Studio because all other IDEs use JBR (JetBrains Runtime) that contains JCEF by default, but Android Studio uses JBR without JCEF.
We’re looking for the recommended way / best practice for embedding the Webview in Android Studio.

While looking for the right solution, I considered the following options, but I’m concerned that adopting one of these options will lead to more challenges:

- Using an external library of JCEF: jcefmaven (https://github.com/jcefmaven/jcefmaven)
- Recommending the users change their boot runtime to a JBR with JCEF (which seems to be not recommended by JetBrains and Google, but it works).

I would appreciate your assistance with this.


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