Run Configurations disappeared from Services tool window


At first I thought all my Run Configurations had disappeared (which seems to be a recurring issue since 2011), as they are usually displayed in the Services tool window, which suddenly was empty. But after finding them in the File -> Run menu it turns it was not so bad: I am only missing the aggregated service view in the service tool window. I have restarted, cleared caches, etc. to no avail. The tool window remains empty. I have also tried running one of the Run configurations, but it just shows up in the Run tool window. 

How can I get them back into the Service tool window?

Running the latest IntelliJ (not EAP): 2022.3


See if it helps to click on the + icon in the 'Services' tool window, choose 'Run Configuration Type' and add the types that you want to be opened in the 'Services' tool window by default.



Yeah, that is what I figured out today. Each type "magically" reappeared if I chose Application, Kotlin or Compound (this type was the one I was really missing).

Still a mystery to me how they disappeared like that. Also, neither clearing cache nor removing the .idea folder and restarting had any effect


Configuration types are only visible in the Services window if at least one actual configuration of that type exists.

Information about both types and configurations is stored in the file called workspace.xml (.idea folder) in the following format:

<component name="RunDashboard">
<option name="configurationTypes">
<component name="RunManager">
<configuration name="Unnamed" type="JUnit" factoryName="JUnit" nameIsGenerated="true">

If the problem resurfaces, try checking the file for any suspicious changes (right-click -> Local History -> Show History).

It might help to also:

  • Reset IDE settings to defaults (a backup copy will be created in the process): File | Manage IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings
  • Disable all of the additionally downloaded plugins and restart the IDE: File | Settings | Plugins | ⚙ | Disable all downloaded plugins
You can check the file

Thanks, will try that if the problem resurfaces.


In my case adding “Run Configuration Type” “Application” didn't help, services just disappeared when my mouse moved them somewhere accidentally.. like poof and they disappeared.. always had issues with this tab and they only become worse with each update 


In my case, I had to add the “Spring boot” configuration type. I don't understand why you did this, I have two running configurations and had to do this hack to see my running configurations in the services tab… Why do I have to know the configuration type to add it to services it's frustrating !


As Arina mentioned, this is the system behavior of Services tool window:

..Note that the tool window will only display the configuration types for which you have created one or more configurations.

If you feel there is an issue with this behavior in your case, please file a bug report on our issue tracker:, and we will analyze it. Thank you.


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