Not able to update the entire website page when I run it in WebStorm?

I am simply creating a website using HTML CSS and JS. and I have one simply external JS File 

const fetchFooter = async () => {
const res = await fetch('footer.html');
const data = await res.text();
document.querySelector('#footer').innerHTML = data;


and I am using it in all my pages using one line of code

<footer id="footer"></footer>


It is working in all pages. But the problem is when I run the index.html file it will work perfectly but the moment I click About on navbar the about page will not have the JS and CSS code included in it.. I have to run the about page again from editor then only it will work and then again from about if I click on Home menu, there home page will not have it.

I am sharing the two images, you will get idea what is happening with me.. In About page no Navbar no footer though I have written the code in it. But in Home Page it working perfectly fine. 

So how to run the website properly in WebStorm.


please try running your page using the Debug action in the .html file right-click menu - what is printed to console? You can also use Chrome Dev Tools console to check if any errors are there


I did but still same problem. index.html is running perfectly but again when I clicked on about page it's same no css no js


This is a runtime error in your application, it doesn't seem to have any relation to the IDE

But it is there in WebStorm only not in any other editor like VS Code or Sublime. There it's working fine and with no TypeError.. I share my complete website zip file too in personal. Please have a look once and let me know.
Thank You


Your web site is designed to be hosted by web server that serves files from the server root; but WebStorm simple web server serves them from <root>/<project name>, like http://localhost:63342/untitled/index.html; any absolute URL (starting with leading slash) that tell the browser to resolve a link relative to web server root will result in 404 error, breaking the files loading

As re-designing the app means a lot of work, I'd suggest using other web servers to host your app


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