Debugger no longer stops execution in some Node projects on 2022.3.3

I have two projects that are both AWS lambdas set up in the same way. After upgrading Webstorm to 2022.3.3, the debugger only works correctly in one of them. In the other, the debugger will still attach and the run configuration will execute, but it does not stop on breakpoints. Using 2022.3.2, I can run the exact same configuration with no modifications to the breakpoints and it will work as expected. Invalidating caches, deleting the .idea folder, and reinstalling 2022.3.3 have all not helped the issue.

I tried the 2023.1 Beta out of curiosity and the issue is not present there.

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It must be WEB-59866;the fix will be included in 2022.3.4 update that is coming soon. For now, I can only suggest using 2023.1 Beta, it's not affected by this issue


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