Make double click selection behaves like other editors

I would like WebStorm to behave like many other editors when I want to select a word by double click. 

Example : file.scss

.randomstyle {
  padding-right : 32px ; 


When I'm double-clicking "right", webstorm select "padding-right". I only want to select "right" instead. 

I believe it's not a marginal need because : notepad, notepad++, vscode, visual studio, microsoft word, google chrome, firefox behave exactly like this. 

Is there a setting for this for Webstorm and Rider? 








Hi there,

This is done on purpose as this is what people need in the vast majority of cases (at very least in CSS context). See the following tickets (implemented around 10 years ago):

You can turn this behaviour off for CSS identifiers (i.e. .random-style class name) but not for property names (like padding-right from your example).


As far as I understand this the following ticket is what you are after (star/vote/comment to get notified with any progress):



Thank you for your answer. I really hope that this option is available sooner beacuse it's really annoying to delete accidentaly the whole hyphen when you just want to replace "left" with "right".  And I've being using Webstorm for like few months now and I'm still not used to this behaviour as it's different from any editors.


Hago Roko

Try Toggler plugin (you may need to configure/set it up for your needs though; especially the keyboard shortcut) to quickly switch between certain variants ("top" vs "bottom", "left" vs "right" etc). Have a look. It worth using for such edits IMO.

P.S. There was Shifter plugin that did similar thing and much more (and the sequence words were per language/file extension) but it had no updates for quite a few years now and currently does not work correctly in all places, in particular in your example).


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