Configure debugger to use String() method


It would be very nice to be able to configure the debugger to display the result of the `.String()` method for a particular type to display a human readable version of that object.


I work in Cryptography so I deal a lot with finite field elements in Montgomery form. Due to the nature of the Montgomery representation, even if the field element corresponds to a small number like 1 or 2, it still is a long, random looking byte slice. I already have a `.String()` method that converts the element back into a readable number but I don't know how to get the debugger to use it.


Hi! Thank you, that would help in many cases but doesn't help with mine. It seems that only functions with "trivial" logic are supported whereas my `.String()` method, although non-mutating, is more complex, involving some field arithmetic.



Please follow GO-7821 and Relates to tickets depending on your workflow.


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