Unable to launch debugging with Javascript debugger

- Webstorm 2022.3.3

- And Webstorm 2023.1 BETA

- Windows 10

Similar to: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/10432962465682-unable-to-debug-javascript-in-2022-3-2-ultimate-edition-with-chrome-111-on-mac-m1-arm-

Debugging used to work, and since returning to work this week I haven't been able to.

Debug opens Chrome or Edge, but then never loads the page.

In Chrome:

The page says loading, with the localhost:port in the URL, but never does. It just stays on a white screen. No console messages, no network traffic. If I hit stop debugging in Webstorm, Chrome does load the page.

In Edge:

Edge just stays on about:blank, and Webstorm eventually shows the "unable to connect to localhost:port" message. Stopping debugging does not do anything to Edge, it just remains on about:blank.

I have tried adding variations to the args: `--remote-allow-origins=*`, `--remote-allow-origins`, `--disable-web-security` from the other post linked above. None have changed the behaviour at all.

I have deleted the .idea directory to let it regenerate, no change.

When I hit debug the Webstorm log adds:

Webstorm log:

2023-03-14 07:26:38,674 [  52870]   INFO - #c.i.u.WinFocusStealer - Foreground lock timeout set to 0
2023-03-14 07:26:38,902 [  53098]   INFO - #c.i.j.d.c.j.JCEFConsoleHtmlPanel - WebConsole page loaded
2023-03-14 07:26:38,904 [  53100]   INFO - #c.i.j.d.c.WebConsoleHistoryView - WebConsole page initialization complete
2023-03-14 07:26:38,904 [  53100]   INFO - #c.i.j.d.c.j.JCEFConsoleHtmlPanel - initialization complete

... and then nothing.




Please share the full idea.log file (upload it to some file server or to  https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ and share the link/upload ID here)


Please find the idea.log file here: Upload id: 2023_03_14_5BmQL6QgWgYcKRAdZa2XgF (file: idea.log)

A change as of this morning: Edge is now behaving the same as Chrome. Windows did an update the morning, so maybe I got a new Edge version?

Thank you!


Yes, Edge must have been updated as well

Please share a screenshot of your run configuration - do you have the  Ensure breakpoints are detected when loading scripts checkbox ticked?



The screenshot is here: Upload id: 2023_03_15_6D3eb5mqqTASsS9GUNWbUn (file: Webstorm Screenshot 2023-03-15 161326.png)

Ensure breakpoints was ticked. If I untick it, it does load up the website, and the console messages are being shown in Webstorm, but breakpoints are not being hit at all.

The updated log file is here, including running it with the ensure breakpoints unticked at the end (Chrome & Edge): Upload id: 2023_03_15_uCEFq1Fb21gwmKc1mCBmvC (file: idea.log)


There are no errors in log that looks related. Do breakpoints work when you reload the page in browser?


I am having the same issue and if this does not get resolved I am dropping Jetbrains products.


Egdavis most of the issue are resolved in 2023.1 Beta, please give it a try


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