Datagrip get count automatically when running query



Using : Datagrip 2022.3.3 : Build #DB-223.8617.3

I have a UX question, I know that it is possible to get the number of rows for the current query by pressing the following button:

However, I have the following question : is there an option to update this count automatically, after a query execution ?
As it is, the count does not get updated, and can lead to confusion when you run a query and the count stays the same.

Example: If I query a table, I get no count, so I have to press to update, all good. But, if I update this through another application, and re-execute the query, the count will stay the same, UNTIL I press the button again. It should display current information (or none at all) and not out of date info.

Thank you

  1. Open DataGrip and connect to your database.
    Open a SQL file in the editor and write your query.
    Click on the "Run" button to execute the query.
    In the result tab, click on the gear icon on the top right corner and select "Data View Options".
    In the "Data View Options" dialog box, check the "Automatically show row count" option.
    Click "OK" to save the changes.Score Sense


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