How desactivate some plugins in a custom IDE distribution ?



We are working on a final IDE distribution using PyCharm as a model.

The final distribution is coming with a lot pre-installed plugins.

Is there a way to :

1. Not preinstalled some them

2. Desactivate some of them


In the META-INF/MyIdePlugin.xml, they seems to be installed by the following includes:

<xi:include href="/META-INF/PlatformLangPlugin.xml"              xpointer="xpointer(/idea-plugin/*)"/>
<xi:include href="/META-INF/XmlPlugin.xml" xpointer="xpointer(/idea-plugin/*)"/>

I tried to remove them but they are a mixed of really mandatory plugins (core) and optional (like git).

As our distribution will be use by non-developers, it's better for us to remove (or disable) by default all the plugins that could create a more complex interface (like Git or Mercurial menus and behavior).

In the same way could we hide some Tool Windows from the Side bar like 'Version Control' or 'Services' ?







You can customize bundled plugins via ``, see `org/jetbrains/intellij/build/pycharm/PyCharmCommunityProperties.kt:31`

Toolwindows: some are part of platform and in most cases are not removable as they represent base infrastructure. Tool windows from plugins will obviously not be shown once unbundled.


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