[DataGrip][Diagrams] View related tables

I can't see the tables that reference a particular table in the diagram view.

This is my workflow:
1) select the table of interest
2) diagrams > show visualization

Data grip shows a diagram of the selected table and all the references that table makes
But I can't see the tables that reference the selected table, how do you do this from the diagram view?

I have tried all the options, example:

1) Right click, Analyze graph
1) Focus View on Node Neighborhood...
2) Directed paths in both directions

But it show an empty diagram with only the current table.

If I drag and drop tables from the table list then show the relations to selected table


Hi - indeed, it is currently only possible to display the relations by dragging additional tables into the diagram manually.

You are welcome to upvote the following issues:


thanks, from my point of view this is a necessary functionality to use the product, it feels stupid to pay for datagrip, and every time you want to understand a table open dbeaver to see the diagram.


Actually this is the exactly my (I am now guessing lots of people workflow)! Intellij/datagrip for most things and dbeaver for table usages


Hi! Apologies for the late reply. In order for Analyze action to work you have to build a diagram for the entire schema, so that all the tables referencing your table are present on a diagram. Then you could use Structure View popup (Ctrl+F12 on Windows) to quickly locate the table and Analyze action to show a neighborhood as described in your post.


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