Connect to Azure PostgreSQL over proxy


I am facing problems with the connections on PostgreSQL database in Azure cloud environment. In our company all the traffic with internet destination goes trough a proxy server (McAfee Proxy) so the only way to connect to databases in Azure is to force DataGrip to route traffic through proxy. Since the database port is TCP-5432 we have to use proxy SOCKS functionality. Does anybody know if it is possible to route such traffic through proxy? 

We did set SOCKS proxy in “Appearance & Behaviour | System Settings | Http Proxy” but it seems DataGrip is ignoring this setting for database connections.

We have also tried to set VM options in advanced tab of the connection properties as below, but connection failed.
-DsocksProxyHost= -DsocksProxyPort=1080


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Hi Vladan,

SOCKS proxy is not yet implemented in DataGrip for database connections unfortunately. You are welcome to upvote

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