using PyCharm Community on Windows 10 with Vagrant

I'm new to PyCharm. Excuse me if I am not clear in my questions/descriptions. I am happy to provide additional information to more completely explain my posts if you need me to do so.

I have installed PyCharm Community on my Win 10 system. I have built a CentOS-7 virtual machine in Vagrant where I have a Django project installed. I'd like to use PyCharm on this project while the project is running in the virtual machine environment. Is this possible?




the Vagrant integration is available in Professional Edition only, please see , a trial version for 30 days is available. 


You might be also interested in checking out  EAP version of PyCharm which becomes available shortly before the releases of new versions. Also, please take a look at other licensing options in our store( For example, we offer discounted subscriptions for individual use as well as special discounts for startups, NGOs, users of paid competitors' tools, etc.
If you have any questions - I will be glad to help.


Well, I was hoping to go in the other direction with this. Is it possible to run the PyCharm client in the windows environment and attach to the application running in the virtual linux environment? I have access to the application through a proxy port to the web server, and I can open any additional ports that might be needed. 


Unfortunately, no. 


Another functionality, which may solve this also available in Professional Edition, please see the Remote Development description


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