Cannot type in terminal

I'm using Pycharm 2022.3.3 on Ubuntu 22.10.


The terminal doesn't allow any characters to be typed within PyCharm. I have tried scouring the Internet for a fix, but, no avail. Also the Python Packages is empty. It says "Nothing to show".

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.


Any help is appreciated.



Please open Preferences | Tools | Terminal and check what is set in Shell Path. If nothing is set, try /bin/bash, close the terminal tab if any open and re-open it. 

If that didn't help, please take some screenshots of the terminal tab and Preferences | Tools | Terminal and attach them to the thread. 

Also, how PyCharm was installed on your PC? 



I tried your methods and it didn't work.

I have attached the screenshots.

I installed it using the tarball via the website.


Oh, I see, it seems like PyCharm can't access a shell binary.

Let's check what's in the log file. Please upload idea.log (Help | Show logs in...) here and tell me the upload ID. 


Did you fix it? How? Having the same issue here


me too Having the same issue


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