Remote Interpreter: Updating Python interpreter does not terminate.


I re-installed PyCharm (as I experienced unrelated issues) and configured a remote interpreter. The remote interpreter works, but I have the problem that the background task "Updating Python interpreter" does not not terminate. Hence, the IDE is not really useable due to unresolved references.

More precisely, the displayed message is "Connecting to {remote server}... Set up downloading volume file://C:\Users\Jakob\AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2022.3\remote_sources\890839364 <== ssh://{remote server}/tmp/T9kWCV47AQ"

The content on the remote server is as following:
3.0G    /tmp/T9kWCV47AQ/{Project-Name}.zip
4.0K    /tmp/T9kWCV47AQ/
3.5M    /tmp/T9kWCV47AQ/
46M     /tmp/T9kWCV47AQ/

The size of {Project-Name}.zip was slowly growing over several hours until it reached 3 GB.

I also checked the local directory (C:\Users\Jakob\AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2022.3\remote_sources\890839364) and it appears that PyCharm is also processing (and downloading) a sub-directory "data", which is more than a 1 TB large and contains several million files.

In the project settings (Project Structure), the folder data is marked as excluded. In the deployment settings, I also excluded the path of the data directory.

With respect to the configuration of the remote interpreter, I only specified the location of the interpreter. The list of "Interpreter Paths" is empty.


After more than 10 hours, the process terminated, but the debugging does not work anymore now. The debugger only opens read-only files in the directory "AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2022.3\remote_sources\890839364", which are also not up-to-date. Before the process terminated, I did not have this issue and could use the debugger normally.

Moreover, after I restarted PyCharm, the background task "Updating Python Interpreter" runs again and downloads different files. 


Any ideas how I can solve the issue?



Please upload a zip archive of your logs folder (Help | Collect logs and diagnostic data) here and tell me an upload id. 


Upload ID: 2023_03_28_fQ9YzzP43T9j3qSVnDBZoK

I think the issue is that the project folder on the server, which also contains the data directory, was added to the "Interpreter Paths" automatically. While this is not a problem, the data directory was apparently not excluded when setting up interpreter.

I have no explanation what causes the issues with the debugger. It always worked with previous versions of PyCharm.

In the meantime, I switched to a local Python interpreter.


Same problem here. Rollbacked to previous versions to avoid it.

Sorry for the delayed reply. Please create a separate issue on this matter on YouTrack:
Please attach the logs archive to the thread, which you can get with Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data.

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