School email address is blocked

When I applied for the education license for pycharm, I got such error message:
Sorry, *****(my school id) email address is blocked. Please use another email address.

I wonder what happened to my email address and how I can solve this problem.


Hello Kaizhou,

This domain was blocked due to the usage of a large number of fake emails applying for the free license.
Please kindly proceed with the application through OFFICIAL DOCUMENT way. You can use any personal email (on QQ, gmail, etc.) for this application.
Please note that it's required to provide your valid student materials to prove that you are the real student, it means that it has to have your full name conforming with your account name (required), the date of issue (preferred), the estimated date of graduation (required), major (required) and form of study (preferred). The 学信网学籍验证报告 is the best for it.

If you'll have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Thank you!

Thank you for that explanation Maxim,

I just followed your instructions. My question is approximately how long does it take for these documents to be reviewed?

Hi, students or teachers documents are reviewed in 14 days.
You can use a trial version meanwhile.


I have the same issue but it is been 3 weeks and still no respond


Hi Francis,

Send us your details at and we will check why it takes so long.


I tried to contact but it said this email maybe misspelled or doesn't exist 


Ops, my bad, fixed, please try again -


I have sended the email with all the data you need thanks for the help .


My education email suffix is, which is a real education email, or our school has been blocked. I applied for the product using the official certificate, but it has been five days, and there is still no news


Hi, please contact with the details. They will help you.


It is a holiday season so it might take a bit of time for the request to be processed. In the meantime, feel free to use the 30-day trial or a free Community Edition (scroll this page to find the download link)


I thought my school email was blocked that's why I have submitted same application twice, one with my personal email and one with my university email. Will that be a problem? Is there anyone to talk about it and solve the matter?


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