/snap/bin/cmake: file not found


CLion version: 2022.3.3

O/S: Linux Mint 21.1

I want to use a much later version of cmake than is bundled with CLion and with the Linux distro so I have installed the snap version of cmake.  However CLion claims it's not found.  I assume it's the fact that it's a symlink that's confusing it?



OK so I have tracked this down to what seems like some sort of virtual environment which affects the whole of CLion.  If I start a terminal in CLion and list my root directory, I get:

From the system terminal, I get:

where there are many differences, including the one affecting me:

So could someone please explain what is happening here?


Ah, OK.  So it's the flatpak sandbox.  I will find another way of installing it on Linux...


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