Problems with ucancesss and Datagrid


To make it short the Problem is that I can set the quoting styles to whatever I like, 

but it falls back to "" and this does not work for Ms Access [] is fine:

Here is some console output:
select ArtikelNr  then I get unable to reslove
If I'm just typing along I get:
"ArtikelNr" inserted  from And again the " just pop up

So I have:

select "ArtikelNr" from "HT_Artikel"

And that just won't don. If I drop the " it's fine

If I'm using [] it's fine 

It says it's using HSQLDB internal but if I change the quoting rules there, nothing will happen

Can't be that terrible hard to allow /disallow " - or am I wrong?


Please try to set quotation character on "general" settings page.

Also there is related issue on YouTrack:

Please vote for it and follow for updates.


It doesn't make difference
Even if I want to Unquote as soon as I'm in the console the " nameOfTable" pop up again.
If I just say quote with [], that makes no difference also.




Please follow the issue on YouTrack. I'll ask developers to check it as soon as possible.


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