Inconsistent results when using the "Plugin Update Download API" documentation


Dear community,

I am trying to programmatically download some plugins based on my IntelliJ build version using the official documenation here:

Now for some plugins this works just fine, for others I get inconsistent results.

For example the IdeaVIM plugin works fine:

curl -I ''

this returns proper location to the file:


Now the official python plugin does not work at all:

curl -I ''

returns: 404
whereas on the official marketplace webpage, there is a version for 231.8109.175 build:

I also checked if maybe this URL does not get updated often, but no version works with it.

e.g. trying with some older versions does not work too:

$ curl -I ''
and so on.

Some plugins work, some not.

e.g.  kubernetes also does not work:

$ curl -I ''

whereas gittoolbox works
$ curl -I ''

Is this a bug?


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