CMakePresets and Ninja Parallel level (-j)


We just recently moved up to a new enough version of CMake to be able to use CMakePresets.json and CMakeUserPresets.json which are cool and all but I have noticed that now when I build in CLion I am getting the "-j 6" added onto the build command.

/Applications/ --build /Users/mjackson/Workspace1/DREAM3D-Build/DREAM3DNX-Release-arm64 --target all -j 6

I have reviewed our Presets file and just cannot figure out where the added -j 6 is coming from. My computer has 8 cores (not hyper threaded). Is this just CLion trying to be nice and not take all my CPU? If so how do I turn that off? If not, anyone have any idea where I would go looking to figure out how this is getting added to our build commands?

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CLion sets the -j flag by default, see for the explanation. You can redefine it in the Build options field of CMake profile or in a CMake preset.


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