display schema errors in JSON or YAML file in custom plugin


Thanks for providing your input here it helped me to progress. 

What is the recommended way to apply config in my plugin where this schema get applied to only particular file based on name / pattern ?

I could do this using code in implementation of JsonSchemaProviderFactory.


override fun isAvailable(file: VirtualFile): Boolean {
val readOnlyList = listOf<String>("values_e1.yaml","values_e2.yaml","values_e3.yaml")
return readOnlyList.contains(file.name)


Also when there is a schema error how to configure so IDE displays those line as errors ?

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Hi Kishore,

There is no need to create a new topic duplicating the same question. Please continue with the previous one. If you don't get an answer quickly, it means that a support engineer is busy. Feel free to ping them when inactivity is a bit longer. Thanks.


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