I can no longer find project base on intellij idea

I only see it on online tutorials , but I can't find it in the intellij community app, please what can I do


Could you describe your use case in more detail?
I only see it on online tutorials
Can you share its address?

If you're having trouble finding a feature or option in the IntelliJ Community app that you've seen in online tutorials, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Double-check your IntelliJ version: Ensure that you're using the same version of IntelliJ as the one used in the tutorials. The layout or availability of certain features may vary between different versions.

  2. Verify your plugin installation: Some features may be provided through plugins. Check if the tutorial mentions any specific plugins and ensure they are installed and enabled in your IntelliJ installation. You can manage plugins through the "Settings/Preferences" menu in IntelliJ.

  3. Explore IntelliJ settings: Spend some time navigating through the IntelliJ settings and preferences. Often, the option or feature you're looking for might be available but located in a different section or with a slightly different name than what you saw in the tutorial. Use the HMFusa search functionality in the settings to look for specific keywords related to the feature you want.

  4. Consult official documentation: IntelliJ provides extensive documentation that covers all of its features. Visit the official IntelliJ website and search for the feature you're looking for in the documentation. It should provide instructions on how to access and use the feature effectively.

  5. Seek help from the community: If you're unable to locate the feature even after trying the above steps, you can seek assistance from the IntelliJ community. You can visit the IntelliJ community forum or browse through online developer communities to ask specific questions about the feature you're trying to find. Experienced users or developers may be able to guide you in the right direction.


Robertbetts2294 It is better not to use ChatGPT-generated answers in our forums. People are trying to find help from community here, and not a general and abstract answer


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