Some way to highlight file from open file tab in folder in Project pane?

Sometimes I open several files from search that happen to be in a folder containing dozens or hundreds of similar-named files, and I want to highlight an open file in the folder in the Project pane... but I'm seeing no way to do that.

PHPStorm has a great way to go to the method in a class, or the class in a file, or the folder of the file, but no way to go to the file in the folder in the pane and highlight it.

At times it's almost impossible to find the file to get its right-click menu options like Compare, without searching for the file name... having to do this or sifting a lot can be a real snooze.


Oh, I would think that double-clicking the name of the file in the horizontal breadcrumb bar above the Project pane would take me to the file and highlight it and center it (vertically), but that does nothing.

Double-clicking the class or method name in the trail does what's expected.

Maybe this feature was thought of but not implemented yet?


OK `Navigate | Select in... | Project View` does exactly what I was looking for.

However, that's not exactly easy, like clicking on a class or method in the breadcrumb trail is. Has JetBrains not considered making double-clicking the filename in that trail do the same thing as `Navigate | Select in... | Project View`? Or can I enable that in config somewhere?

Also, searching for a keyboard shortcut is odd... searching "Project View" seems to show the same thing, as "Select File in Project View", but the terms "Navigate" and "Select in..." aren't there. So is that the same thing? How much assuming are we expected to do to find keyboard shortcuts for menubar items?

Searching by "Navigate" shows a gazillion results, so that's not easy; searching by "select" shows a bazillion results, but at least has the exact term "Select in..." indirectly under "Navigate" (though "Goto by Reference Actions" is not part of the menubar selection tree):

I know I'm bringing up a tangential issue, but really, if we can't figure out how to do something in the app except for in the menubar, keyboard shortcuts should at least be very easy to find for those menubar items.


Also, searching for a keyboard shortcut is odd...

I agree: not an easy one.

If you know the current shortcut you can the search for the action using that instead of a name.

It's Alt+F1 here on Windows keymap. Then locate that action on the Keymap screen and change the shortcut if needed:


Anyway: what about this option (to do it automatically) -- does it work for you .. or too much "noise"?


If you know the current shortcut you can the search for the action using that instead of a name.

Thank you but I'm aware of that and it doesn't help in this case anyway. The comment I made about difficulty searching for a named shortcut was not based on knowing the shortcut but not the name, but not knowing either one, and the naming conventions and hierarchy in the Keymap settings often not matching what's in their related menus.

to do it automatically

This is overkill and would cause more disorientation and scrolling than convenience. 

I'll just have to use a keyboard shortcut until JetBrains gets the sense to implement the intuitive way.


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