2023.1 forbids adding customized frameworks into GoTestFramework


Hi I am maintaining a GoLand plugin which injects a go test framework inside Run/Debug profile. The plugin adds a option inside Test framework selection box:

Previously we can inject our own framework by the following code inside a AppLifeCycleListener:

import com.goide.execution.testing.GoTestFramework
import com.intellij.ide.AppLifecycleListener
class GoAppStartupListener: AppLifecycleListener {
    override fun appStarted() {
        GoTestFramework.all().add(new MyCustomTestFramework.INSTANCE);
But in 2023.1, GoTestFramework.all() returns an immutable list so we can no longer add our framework inside Run/Debug configuration. Any idea to solve that?


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We're going to revert changes and will make GoTestFramework mutable again.

Feel free to follow GO-14659.

Thanks for sharing.


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