When will old UI be deprecated?



When will the old UI be official deprecated/gone/unusable? 

"While we are still iterating on the refinement and polishing of the new UI (based on the insightful feedback we expect to get from our users), we plan to keep both the old and new UI for at least a year after the new UI becomes the default"

"For now, we have no plans to eliminate the traditional UI, and it will be an option at least until the end of the next year"

Dmitry Jemerov (employee)
"We do plan to provide exactly this kind of a setting for some time, but unfortunately we can’t keep it available forever because maintaining two parallel versions of the UI has very significant costs for us (related not as much to new UI implementation but mostly to the UI design and development for new features, testing, marketing/documentation etc. – we can’t do all of that twice for the old and the new UI)."

I am going to be blunt here, I don't like the new UI. Enough people have already written what they think is wrong with it. I agree with most of it. It's only fair that I don't pay for a product that I don't like anymore. Or a product with an unclear future when it comes to essential features like the UI.

Can we get some more information on this?



We're working on new UI and trying to fix all notes provided by users. As old UI is still widely used we couldn't name exact date of deprecation. 


Sorry don't really like the new UI either. If it is not broke don't fix it.


How does one submit feedback on the new UI? 

I have been trying it for about two hours now and have not accomplished any actual work due to fighting with the ne UI.

Karres Hi,

You could use IDE main menu "Help | Submit Feedback" to submit the feedback on the new UI.

If old UI will be deprecated or disabled, I won't pay for new license. There are other IDE with new UI-like interface, such as free VSCode. I pay for old UI only.


Me Accourding to https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/new-ui/ :


The current UI(here means old UI) will remain available at least until the 2024.2 release planned for mid-2024. We are not going to remove it until we’ve seen that the vast majority of our users have successfully made the switch to the new UI.


Let's be honest here, the new UI is simply trying to copy the VSCode UI, which for some reason became very popular in recent years.

I've always seen JetBrains products as intended for power users, not eye candy, but I guess I was wrong, honestly I'll gladly pay X3 the price just to keep the current UI. 


Was constantly changing to new UI and back, again and again trying to get used to it, alas… (using both Idea and Rider)

just NO, I dont want to keep constantly hovering over the icons to read what they do. If they remove old UI I most likely will change to other IDE. As simple as this!


P.S. Dear JetBrains we (developers) are not instagram users…



Hi Karen,
Please upvote IDEA-298006 and share your comments/suggestions, if any. Our UX team is working on it and we appreciate feedback.


Hi Nadia, I see the thread you shared. In short Jetbrains must not remove the old UI, ideally they need to remove new UI. Old is so much better and simpler


Thank god, I already migrated to VSCode, for now I'm using old version of Android Studio just to keep using old UI. After removing old UI, I'm not gonna use even Android Studio. When it comes to new UI it's even worse than VSCode. VSCode is free and Swiss army knife for developer. But JetBrains IDE's was made with specialization in mind. Let's see where will be JetBrains after couple years with paid version of VSCode without rich customization extensions.


I share the sentiments of all the comments here. PLEASE do not remove the old ui.
I am productive in the old UI - tried vscode a few times but after a some time.. ahhh back to pycharm.
Suggestion for the new UI : make it into a new product
If the old UI is removed, the new-UI annoyance is enough motivation to switch to sth else.


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