Unable to run debugger: GNU debugger cannot be used with MSVC Rust toolchain.


I'd like to get unit tests working in a rust project (or I cannot justify buying a license) and I'm getting the message I get (pic posted).


what do I need to do to set up "Build execution deployment >. toolchains" to get debugger working (see next screenshot)?

upload id for screenshots:


In the screenshots they show I'm trying to use lldb debugger

Build #CL-231.8109.222, built on April 6, 2023

Oh I am in a Windows 11 environment developing rust code.  I was using vscode until it started giving problems


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>Unable to run debugger: GNU debugger cannot be used with MSVC Rust toolchain

According to the error message, you installed Rust toolchain for MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++) on your machine. It can't be used with the GNU debugger (GDB). The Rust toolchain should match the debugger. You have two possible ways to solve the issue:

  1. Continue using the MSVC Rust toolchain. In this case you need to configure the MSVC toolchain in CLion and use it.
  2. Install the GNU Rust toolchain (https://rust-lang.github.io/rustup/installation/windows.html). This Rust toolchain can be used with the MinGW toolchain in CLion. 

You can find the Rust plugin web help here - https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8182-rust/docs/welcome-to-rust.html


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