IntelliJ 2023.1: "Build" tool window steals focus from other tool windows during maven reload


When I perform a sync for my Maven project by clicking "Reload all Maven projects" in the Maven tool window, the "Build" tool window can be used to display the progress:

When I switch to another tool window (e.g. the "Git" tool window) while the sync is still running, IntelliJ often switches back to the "Build" tool window and the "Sync" tab. This even happens when you remain on the "Build" tool window and switch to the "'Build Output" tab - IntelliJ will then repeatedly switch back to the "Sync" tab.

This behaviour seems to happen during the "Downloading Maven sources and documentation" part only. Compared to IntelliJ 2022.2, this part has received some visual changes in GUI (showing the artifact which is currently downloaded). Maybe this change has introduced this new behaviour. As this is quite annoying, I rather suppose this is a bug and not a feature. Or is there a way to turn off this behaviour?


Sorry about the problem. This will be fixed in the next IDE update: IDEA-316661 Build tool window is opened automatically on Maven import if Download Sources or Download documentation option is enabled

As a current workaround, please disable downloading sources and documentation for the Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Maven | Importing | Automatically download setting.


IDEA-316661 is closed now, but the bug seems to be only partly removed. It does not happen with all tool windows anymore, but if you are on the "Build Output" tab of the "Build" tool window while downloading sources an documentation, IntelliJ will still jump to the "Sync" tab of the same tool window.


The IDEA-316661 has been fixed for 2023.1.1 version. What version do you use? If you see this with 2023.1.1 - could you show a small screencast of how it happens for you? Thanks.


Hi Andrey Dernov
yes, I use the 2023.1.1 version. I created a small video (2 MB) which displays the issue. The switch to the "Sync" tab always seems to happen when the progress bar in the status bar reaches the end and starts from zero again. 

Is there a way I can send the video to you personally?


Please upload at and tell the upload id. Thanks.


Hi Andrey Dernov,

the upload ID is 2023_05_08_kDEiGrta2F3VbrK1o4GQNh 
The video shows the undesired effect three times. Just watch the progress indicator in the status bar - when the progress bar is completely filled and resets, the undesired switch to the "Sync" tab takes place.


Thank you! I have reported this issue here: IDEA-319921 Build tool window: Sync tab automatically opened when downloading sources/documentation is enabled


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